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CV . Maiga Indonesia is a provider of services as well as website creation , domain hosting services and IT consulting to the official website www.maiga - indonesia.com were initially established on 21 November 2009 . This company already has a three-pronged effort consisting of brand Web Service Maiga , Maiga Maiga Blog Service & Hosting .

Beginning of the website and blog just our hobby , our love of the first IT , especially in the manufacturing and design websites and blogs , over time we make this hobby a business that we named Maiga Blog Service once . Over time , development of the times , Alhamdulillah our blog creation services business increased from day to day , and we believe that this sustenance is a gift from Allah that must be grateful , and thankful it shall be disclosed by word and deed . So as the proper gratitude on July 1, 2012 , we established a company incorporated in the CV , the name of the company CV . Maiga Indonesia , we are here to seek commitment , sharing , with professionalitas .


Being a reliable company in improving the quality of information technology as well as website design , blog hosting and domain services as a key pillar to support its activities and decisions in order to produce results / outcome quality , effective and efficient . Means of the internet and change into something useful like making a website and blog which can be useful for the wearer .

• The role of information technology infrastructure for the wider community with a website designed specifically to support facilities that blogger platform , CMS , PHP , and WordPress .
• Conduct research and development in the field of website and blog .
• Updating and developing standards creation websites and blogs which refers to the national standard and international standard -based creativity .
• Conduct training and education for human resource development in terms of technical , management and marketing of the website and the blog itself .
• Build cooperation , create business opportunities and network coordination among fellow developer website and blog .
• Developing cooperation between academia and the business world and website developer blog .

For more information Maiga worldwide please browse www.maiga-blogservice.com and careers.maiga-blogservice.com .

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